BET’s Uncut Is Returning, but Why?


Just when you thought it was safe to re-enter the murky waters of BET programming, it goes and ruins the goodness that exists with shows like Being Mary Jane by announcing that Uncut is returning.


You remember Uncut, right? The video show that seemed similar to soft porn and gave Nelly’s “Tip Drill” video airtime?

BET says, “You asked for it”—but who asked for this?

I can’t even imagine BET CEO Debra Lee sitting there watching Uncut episodes from yesteryear and saying, “This would make great TV again.” But maybe other executives at BET, like Stephen Hill, have no problem with seeing salaciousness re-emerge on the network.


Granted, Uncut is airing late nights, but weren’t there other options being pitched for late-night television at BET? Maybe another attempt at a late-night talk show? With someone people actually enjoy watching and who could actually be funny and mix comedy with politics, unlike T.J. Holmes? Or how about a show about #BlackTwitter and social media? Oh wait, I forgot—they passed on that pitch.

The options are limitless for BET, but for some reason network executives have chosen the lowest common denominator. And while they’re resurrecting shows, why not try resurrecting Teen Summit? At least that show offered some value.

And the BET executives screamed, “Yassssssssssss!”

Thanks, BET.

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