A scene from RoomieLoverFriends
YouTube screenshot

BET is partnering with Black&Sexy TV—an online content provider commonly referred to as the "Black Netflix"—to begin airing three of its Web series on the cable network, Variety reports. 

This is a big win for boutique and independent content providers on the Web. Companies like Black&Sexy TV cater to viewers who are willing to pay a subscription fee to watch diverse programming that isn't available at traditional TV and online outlets.

The three Black&Sexy TV series that will air on BET are RoomieLoverFriends, a series about the complicated relationship between two roommates who end up in bed together; Sexless, a series about female friends who are coping with their nonexistent sex lives; and Hello Cupid, a series about a chocolate-complexioned woman who uses a photo of a fairer-skinned black woman on her dating profile to see how men respond. All good stuff. 

Black&Sexy TV debuted in 2011. Viewers spend $7 a month to subscribe to its online content, which is also distributed on YouTube. 

RoomieLoverFriends premieres on BET Sept. 16 at 11 p.m. ET.

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