Because We Can’t Have Nice Things, Some Assholes Are Making Fake Claims About Being Attacked at Black Panther Screenings

Bob Levey/Getty Images for Imax

What the hell is wrong with people? Like, seriously, what on earth would possess someone to make fake claims about being assaulted at screenings at a movie theater?

But as it turns out, troglodytes gonna troglodyte and will also always try to steal black joy, so some assholes are on Twitter trying to spark outrage by making false claims of racially motivated assaults at screenings of Black Panther.


BuzzFeed reports that these trolls are using real news photos of bloodied individuals to promote their lies.

One image included the photo of a 19-year-old Swedish woman who was left bloodied after being attacked at a bar last month. And because these trolls have no decency, they even used photos of domestic-abuse victims, including a photo of the ex-wife of former White House staffer Rob Porter.

Of course these idiots are leaving everyone disgusted.


But try as these neanderthals might, there isn’t anything that will stop the joy, the pride, that Black Panther has brought us, and ain’t nothing gonna stop us from taking over these cinemas.

And in case you need reminding, Black Panther opened Thursday night with a projected $25 million.


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