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There’s the saying that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. But when you’re a sports reporter, it seems as though that doesn’t apply. After Yale’s basketball team beat Baylor’s, Taurean Prince had to sit through questions from the media.

Of course, Prince wasn’t happy about his team losing to a No. 12 seeded team, 79-75, in the first round of the NCAA tournament and in his senior year. Prince scored 28 points during the game, so he should really have been proud of himself. But what he wasn’t here for was one question in particular from a reporter.


“How did Yale outrebound you?” the reporter asked.

Well, here’s how.

“You go up and grab the ball off the rim when it comes off, and then you grab it with two hands, and then you come down with it. That’s considered a rebound. So, they got more of those than we did,” Prince answered.

Shut. Him. Down.

But if the reporter wants an answer, since he obviously doesn’t know much about basketball, I’ll do my best to explain it.


First of all, Baylor missed a lot of shots. Second, defensive rebounds are easier than offensive rebounds. And finally, even though Baylor had a better rebound percentage, the team just so happened to have a hard time getting those easy rebounds.

So there you have, Mr. Reporter. Next time, try not to be so condescending.

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