Barack Obama’s Charlottesville, Va., Tweet Breaks Twitter Record

Pete Souza/The White House
Pete Souza/The White House

When you live in a world where your current president won’t disavow white supremacy, but it only takes the former president, Barack Obama, less than 140 characters to condemn racism, you’re left wondering (once again), “What did we do to ever deserve Donald Trump?”


Obama’s tweet has now become the most liked tweet ever, a tweet in which Obama used a quote from Nelson Mandela to sum up the sentiments that everyone who’s not a white supremacist that a lot of people have:


And, of course, the photo used in the tweet was taken by Pete Souza, who has gone from being the official White House photographer while Obama was in office to someone who meticulously trolls Trump on Instagram.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Archaeyopterix Majorus

I love Obama. He is our generation’s JFK.

He is an exemplar of hope, intellect, justice, and humanity.

Am I alone in that I just wish he wasn’t so awesome? I know I’m probably (like lots of us) a bit like Old Yeller at this point regarding Trump, I just wanted him to say something stronger. I don’t want to love these people, I don’t think it’s possible to TEACH them to love. They are too stupid and self-hating to love anything but hate.

ETA: silly idea, but... how awesome would it have been in the middle of last night’s Trump conference if the lights went out, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ started playing, and then the elevator opens... Inside, we see a silhouette, a slender, tall man, regal in bearing. He has large ears. Obama runs out of the elevator and body slams Trump, the WORLD cheers.