Footage of video showing teacher using the n-word with students at a school in Baltimore
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Updated Thursday, Nov. 17, 2:02 p.m. EST: According to ABC News, the teacher in the video has been fired:



A Baltimore City teacher has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Erica Esha Deminds posted a video showing her son's unnamed teacher at the Harlem Park Elementary School in Baltimore kicking a student out of the classroom. But it's what she said to the students afterward that has people up in arms.


"You're idiots.You have a chance to get an education. Do you wanna be a broke ass [n—ger] who's going to get shot?" the teacher yelled. "Learn something. Be a man."


The student filming the video ended it at that point as the students got even more riled up at the teacher's yelling.

The Root has reached out to the principal of the school to see if any action has been or will be taken against the teacher.

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