'Back to the Drawing Board': Ice Cube Provides an Official Update on How John Witherspoon's Death Will Impact Last Friday

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Since John Witherspoon’s untimely passing in October, fans have wondered how some of his most iconic characters will continue on in their respective film and television franchises. Jenifer Lewis has volunteered to fill in for Grandpa in Aaron McGruder’s forthcoming The Boondocks revival, but we have yet to get any official word on how the legendary comedian’s death will influence the much-delayed final installment of the hilarious Friday franchise.


Until now.

Earlier this week, rapping ass filmmaker Ice Cube provided an unexpected update while discussing the status of the film on Twitter. When asked whether it was canceled or still a go in light of Witherspoon’s passing, the Big3 co-founder expressed his frustration at the endless delays.


“Back to the drawing board since New Line Cinema was slow on green lighting the LAST FRIDAY script that was full of Mr. Jones,” he tweeted. “I’ve been pissed off about it since Spoon passed away.”

And when asked if he could expedite the process by taking the film elsewhere, well…


“New Line has the rights to distribute that movie,” he responded.

Considering Friday After Next was released 18 years ago and Last Friday has been in developmental hell for nearly as long, Ice Cube’s frustration is completely understandable—as is New Line Cinema pumping the brakes on the project due to Witherspoon’s passing.


Hopefully, all parties involved are able to figure out a way to give this franchise the proper send-off and pay proper tribute to the 77-year-old comedian sooner than later. Because fans are definitely getting restless.

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