Chris Brown; Soulja Boy
Getty Images

It seems as though Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have way too much time on their hands and have decided to have their own version of the "Rumble in the Jungle" in Dubai. But let's be honest: It'll probably just be a little tussle.

Brown and Soulja Boy's beef all started when the rapper liked one of Brown's ex-girlfriend's Instagram pictures. Brown, who clearly seems to think he can claim an ex, still hasn't gotten his emotional intelligence in check, and went off.

And now, with Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson in each of their corners, respectively, it's about to go down in Dubai.

According to TMZ, the pay-per-view event could draw in millions, with some of the money possibly going to charity. I wish I would spend $49.95 to watch these two play patty-cake in the ring with each other.