Baby Bow? Black-ish Prequel Based on Tracee Ellis Ross' Character May Be in the Works

Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson, Black-ish
Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson, Black-ish
Photo: Ron Tom (Courtesy of ABC)

Black-ish is spinning off! Well, it may be ... again.

Grown-ish, the ABC sitcom’s Freeform spin-off focusing on the college life of Zoey Johnson (Yara Shahidi), has been quite successful. So, the parent show may be birthing an additional baby, so to speak.

According to Deadline, executive producer Peter Saji is in talks to cook up a prequel to Black-ish centered around Rainbow Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) during the 1980s and 1990s. Apparently, this pilot (to be written by Saji) stems from the special episode coming up during this current fifth season of Black-ish that will focus on teen Rainbow.


If it doesn’t land at ABC, the prequel spin-off will be a good fit for Freeform, along with Grown-ish.

The Rainbow flashback episode of Black-ish is scheduled to begin filming in March.

This would also be a win for Kenya Barris, who’ll likely get an executive producer credit on the potential spin-off, without having to report to work every day on the creative end, as the show creator now has a current deal with Netflix.

Oh wow, we’re getting an angsty version of the eccentric Bow?! We’ll likely get more insight into Bow’s kooky parents, the inner-workings of living as a biracial teenager, when she first fell in love with science, and maybe some epic dating fails.


Because I love guessing games, I predict the title to be either:

1. Teen-ish

2. Bow-ish

3. Mixed-ish

We’ll check back to see if I called it. Deal? Deal.

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I’d rather have a spin-off featuring a teenage Diane than another young, light skinned mixed race girl tbh. Diane is so underrated.