Azealia Banks Recounts Abuse by Coldplay Manager Dave Holmes

Azealia Banks (Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images)
Azealia Banks (Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images)

Azealia Banks shared her own #MeToo story on Instagram when she recounted the abuse she says she experienced at the hands of Dave Holmes, her ex-boyfriend and Coldplay manager.


Banks stated, in the third person, that when she was 18 years old and in a relationship with a 43-year-old Holmes, he brutally assaulted her.

“He was at the time a very handsome, very charming man who she admired intensely. He was 43, rich, white and very fatherly to her. Dating him made her feel like Naomi Campbell!” Banks wrote.

Although Holmes was married but allegedly separated at the time, Banks said it was the first time she was ever in love. But once she was dropped from her record label, she says, the relationship changed. Especially when Holmes tried to recoup a $2,000 loan.

“He breaks up with her and abruptly stops paying the rent on the apartment he had been renting for her,” she continued. “She haphazardly moves out of her apartment on dyckman street and heads to Montreal where She spends a lonely, depressed summer. Upon the success of 212, Dave reappears in her life. She’s happy to have him back as she considers him her Dad and felt close to him like family.”

Shortly before a video shoot for “1991,” Banks said she and Holmes had an argument, and after she crashed his espresso machine, Holmes had her in a headlock and dragged her by the hair into a freezing shower.


In 2012, Banks previously spoke about abuse by Holmes when she tweeted: “Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes is a piece of shit. Second time he has put his fucking hands on me.”

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prolly in the super minority, but i cant help but always feel bad for her....shes the unhinged version of all those black girls we didnt protect and who never got the help she needed. my girl likes her music, but she did a radio interview a while back in tears about her growing up with abuse, hating her blackness, hating herself and it sounded all too familiar. while cardi reacted to her trauma in a way that makes people happy (i guess) banks reacts by making everyone uncomfortable...shame that makes people care about her less and less. so much pain radiates from everything she does...and from what ive heard shes crazy talented.