Ava DuVernay Just Hit an Important Milestone for Black Female Directors

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Photo: Cindy Ord (Getty Images for Vulture Festival)

Trailblazing director Ava DuVernay can add another important “first” to her list. With A Wrinkle In Time, she’s become the first black female director whose movie earned more than $100 million domestically.


DuVernay acknowledged the historic achievement on Twitter earlier this week, writing: “Lovely room to be in. But can’t wait for more sisters to be here too.”

For now, DuVernay is the lone woman among 13 other black directors. Recent additions to the $100 million club include Ryan Coogler for Black Panther ($699 million), Jordan Peele for Get Out ($176 million) and Malcolm D. Lee for Girls Trip ($115 million).

On top of its $100 million domestic total, A Wrinkle in Time earned an additional $32 million overseas.

DuVernay also acknowledged another important groundbreaking director, Angela Robinson. Robinson was the first black female director to hit the $100 million mark in total box office (foreign and domestic) for the 2005 film Herbie: Fully Loaded.

Up next for DuVernay is a superhero movie, DC Comics’ New Gods, which is currently in early development. As Variety reported, it marks “just the second major superhero tentpole directed by a woman”—Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman was the first—and the first by a black woman.

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1. Black people were involved with Herbie Fully Loaded.

2. Herbie Fully Loaded made that kind of money?

3. Wasn’t Lindsey Lohan in Herbie Fully Loaded.

4. OMG she was!

5. GOOD GOD, so was Michael Keaton! Batman gotta eat, too.

6. Is Angela Robinson the same Angela Robinson who wrote/directed Professor Marston and the Wonder Women?

7. Yo, she is!

8. Herbie Fully Loaded was Lohan’s last Disney picture. No wonder Lindsey hasn’t been same since. Damn you, Disney (speaking of careers turning into ash, um, hurry up with that Avengers movie, bruh)