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Sep 3

pig feet and chitterlings with hot sauce” Black is exactly the Black it is! And yeah, my list wasn’t comprehensive (there’s more I’m sure I left out for various reasons including avoiding spoilers, which is why I inserted “and more”) and I knew I was going to forget something...but I did have in my head to insert Read more

Sep 1

Word. I was in this moment just last year. Still settling in the moment right now. When I got to that part, I was gutted. Whew. 

Jul 10

I am glad to share this gift that was shared with me! Literally was my source of laughter for hours, all day yesterday. Still laughing about it now.

Jul 10

LOL trust me, the whole time I was writing this like... so I bet people are gonna think I was talking about...

Jul 2

LOL I ain’t forget, the newest version is a literal continuation of the 2000 character (and I referenced it when the newer one came out), I was making sure people wouldn’t assume they were adding the latest one.

Jun 3

Yes thank you!! I knew it was something else to reference, but I couldn’t remember. I saw it on Twitter. That was EPIC! 

Jun 2

Lol ok. As I said before, whether they had prior support or not, they’re gonna get called out when they fuck up. No one is exempt. Have a good one!

Jun 1

I have no clue who “ya’ll” refers to as I never “hoped” any such thing, but I know these folks gonna get called out for their rhetoric on this platform whether they had “hope” or not. I know that much! 

Apr 30

I have to admit, I was intensely distracted by it whilst writing this. Like, yes, I know this has been his signature style. But, also, the fact he has been so dedicated to it for all of these years. 

Apr 28

lmao yeah she was definitely nervous. her rambling at the end lololol. and now i kinda wanna see this footage of your star trek moment.  

Apr 28

And yeah though I know of Shaka Zulu (and the context clue given right in the question would’ve been clutch) even if I didn’t know, I know what I WOULDN’T have said and that’s Chaka Khan. lmao