J'na Jefferson
Pronounced "Jay-nuh."
Jul 8

His ramblings remind me of those of my late uncle, who was a paranoid schizophrenic. Not saying that Kanye is a paranoid schizophrenic, but mental health issues are definitely present.

Jun 2

It’s been a little messy on IG as many people were not aware to not use BLM hashtags. Unfortunately at the moment, it looks like there are hardly any signs of protest activity or information shared, thus making it seem as if BLM was silenced. Read more

Apr 15

I was soooo close, haha.

That is lovely! I hope you and yours are doing well

Apr 15

Thank you for your sacrifice.

Also, how is J’na pronounced? I read it as similar to “Gina” at first, but now I’m wondering if it rhymes with “way”? 

Um, because we live in the worst possible timeline, I feel the need to specify: I’m not being sarcastic or making fun of your name. I’ve just never seen it before and love Read more