Usher (Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for JDRF)
Usher (Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for JDRF)

R&B singer Usher Raymond has new accusers coming forward and stating that they contracted herpes from the singer. On Monday their attorney, Lisa Bloom, will address the newest lawsuits filed against the singer.


Bloom is holding a live conference at 9 a.m. to discuss her clients’ lawsuits against Usher. According to Bloom, Usher allegedly had sexual contact with the people without telling them he was infected with herpes. Bloom’s clients are two women and one man, and during Monday’s press conference, one of them will come forward to tell his or her story, while the other two remain anonymous.

Usher is already on the receiving end of a $20 million lawsuit filed by a woman in July, after she alleged that the singer didn’t inform her about having the sexually transmitted disease, and that she contracted the virus from him.

Usher has yet to make a statement about any of the herpes allegations. Bloom’s news conference is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. EDT.

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