'Atlanta's Eiffel Tower': 2 Chainz Vies to Save His Iconic Pink Trap House From Demolition

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2 Chainz said he might holler at Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to stop the owner of the little wooden pink “trap” house he made famous from tearing it down.


The edifice, which features the word “trap” painted prominently across its front, appeared on the cover of 2 Chainz’ 2017 album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, as well as in his music video for “Door Swangin.’” But as Fox 5 Atlanta reports, the rapper has used the house for community initiatives and organizations: it’s hosted free HIV testing as well as church services.

(To be clear—it’s no longer a trap house in the classic definition of the word.)


Now, it’s facing demolition because the land it’s on is worth more than the house itself, according to The Source.

At LAX Airport on Wednesday, 2 Chainz (aka Tauheed Epps) told TMZ that the house—known as the “Eiffel Tower of Atlanta”—should be protected.

“I don’t think they’d tear down the Statue of Liberty. They need to keep that up, man,” he said, adding, “We changed the connotation of trap house from something that was considered negative to something that was considered positive.”

“It is what it is,” he said when the TMZ interviewer suggested he rally Mayor Bottoms to help. “Let’s try to save the pink trap house.”


Staff writer, The Root.

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2 Chainz gets anything he wants after finishing his tour in a pink wheelchair. That piece should be in a museum even if the house isn’t saved.