Atlanta Public School System Reprimands #TeacherBae

Patrice Brown

Patrice Brown became an internet viral sensation this week and was dubbed #TeacherBae because of her formfitting attire. But it may have gotten her into a little hot water.

Opinions differed when it came to Brown's clothing. Some thought it was appropriate, while others said it was too provocative. And now the Atlanta Public Schools district is having the last word.


APS issued a statement clarifying Brown's position within the school system. According to 11Alive, APS stated that Brown was a paraprofessional employed by the district and that she has been "given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media."

Well, it looks as if those people who were critical of her will get what they want. Brown will now teach students covered in a burlap bag.

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