Jay Williams and Iyanla Vanzant

Someone, please tell me where the “Here’s a TV show for you” line forms, because apparently they’re giving them out like hotcakes. Jay Williams is an Atlanta father of 34 children by 17 different women. Yes, you read correctly. Last year Williams appeared on Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix My Life and was scolded for not getting a vasectomy.

“So let me ask you this question, Jay,” Vanzant said during the episode. “Thirty-four children. At any point did it dawn on you, ‘This is too much’?”

During the episode, Vanzant made Williams sit down with some of his children and explain why he’s a deadbeat. Well, apparently, being a deadbeat will pay off (some of that back child support), because Williams will now star in his own reality series on OWN.

According to an OWN press release, the untitled series will premiere in September and chronicle the steps Williams is taking to get his life in order with his children. Vanzant will be by his side to help him become “the best father he can be.” There’s no word on whether the show will also include a lifetime supply of condoms or a free vasectomy.