Arsenio Hall Closes Deal for Coming to America 2

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Arsenio Hall will reprise his role in the funniest buddy comedy since the groundbreaking hit Moses and Aaron’s Egyptian Adventure when he rejoins Eddie Murphy in the highly-anticipated movie, Coming to America 2.

Deadline reports that Hall officially closed a deal with Paramount Pictures to star as Semmi in the follow-up to the 1988 film that Michael Jackson’s less musically-inclined brother Panama Jackson called the “best black movie of all time,” surpassing cinema greats such as I Got the Hook-Up, Soul Plane and the Madea trilogy (I admittedly haven’t closely examined the Jackson family tree, but I’m pretty sure about this).

In the sequel, Hakeem and Semmi return to the U.S. after receiving word that Hakeem has a previously-unknown son living in America who is the rightful heir to the Zamunda throne. The film will hopefully answer other questions, including:

  • Did “Sexual Chocolate” get a record deal?
  • When is McDowell’s bringing back the McRib?
  • How far is Zamunda from Wakanda?
  • What happened to Imani, who Hakeem Curved at the altar even though she was willing to bark for him?
  • Is Allison’s sister Lisa having a Hot Girl Summer?
  • Is it true that King Jaffe offered to fight Donald Trump about the “shithole country” remark?
  • Did Darryll Jenks go broke after Soul Glo fell victim to the natural hair movement or did he diversify into durags and hot-oil treatments?

Coming to America 2 is based on a screenplay by Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and will be directed by Black Snake Moan director Craig Brewer.

When informed about the great news, Donald Trump immediately dispatched ICE agents to search for Prince Hakeem’s son, whom the president referred to as an “anchor baby.”

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Borg Queen

Is it true that King Jaffe offered to fight Donald Trump about the “shithole country” remark?”

Would watch this movie.  Would pay extra for the 3D, reclining seat showing of this movie.  Would attend multiple showings