Are You a Good Cuddler? If So, Infants Waiting for Adoption Need You

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Cuddlers are needed across the country. Adoption agencies are looking for people to cuddle and nurture infants waiting for adoption during their first few weeks of life. Human touch is important, especially for babies, and unfortunately, there are more babies waiting for adoption than there are people willing to cuddle and nurture them.

“Agencies are not exactly the best-funded today, so volunteers are more important probably than they have ever been,” Adam Pertman, president of the National Center on Adoption and Permanency, told ABC News. “All agencies over the years have certainly needed volunteers but … the need has grown. Volunteers have become more and more essential.”


If you’re interested in volunteering, you’ll be subject to a background check and home visits. Also, according to ABC News, agencies will help cover some necessary expenses, including diapers, formula, clothing and transportation.

To learn how to be a cuddler, contact your local adoption agency. 

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