Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal Pictures
Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

Attorney Lisa Bloom has her ear to the streets when it comes to women coming out of the woodwork and alleging that they’ve had unprotected sex with Usher. On July 19, a report hit the internet that stated the “Burn” singer paid $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit in 2012 after he allegedly infected a woman with herpes. Shortly after that report, another woman filed a lawsuit against the singer for $10 million, alleging that he exposed her to herpes, too.

Bloom took to her Twitter account over the weekend and said that other women have contacted her about having unprotected sex with the singer.


In a statement to Hollywood Life, Bloom did not disclose whether there’s a lawsuit underway, but she did say: “They say that he did not disclose his STD to them. Such behavior would be appalling, illegal and dangerous to women’s health.”

Quite telling in this whole situation is the fact that Usher hasn’t made a statement about the previous lawsuit or the most recent one filed. But I guess if he did admit to having sex with these women, he’d also be admitting to cheating on his current wife. And who knows if she even knew about his alleged status?

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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