Are Jaden Smith and Tyler, The Creator Dating? Who Knows

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It is said that an angel receives a glass of mimosa every time a gay man finds a lover. Even angels know brunch is the most import meal of the gay.


During a recent concert, Jaden Smith showed that he doesn’t give a fuck about what you, your barber, uncle or cousin think and revealed that he and Tyler, the Creator are a thing.

Jaden got on that stage and professed his love for the Oakland rapper with such excitement and pride. Presuming Tyler is someone’s top, I too would be excited seeing as though tops are an endangered species in the gay community. #BringBackOurTops

Smith took to Twitter to double down on his proclamation and Tyler’s response neither confirms nor denies that the two would be sharing “his & his” towels in the near future.

It’s all still very unclear if the two are dating, but if this little tryst lasts longer than a snowball in hell, I only have one question: Can I be the flower girl?

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Incoming overshare that mildly relates: One Man’s Top is Another Man’s Bottom.

Years ago, when I was swimming in Nupes, and decided on one of my very own (despite them being for everybody), I was aghast—yet turned-on when he decided that him giving me some ass was the best way to celebrate me turning 25. Could have sworn I wanted some dick, but hey.

Just a week before, my friends, who hated this particular gentleman-caller, asked what my dealbreakers were. Silly me said, vegans and “fake tops” were definite deal-breakers. Fast forward to this Nupe telling me he would not make it to my birthday party the night before, and then him smoothly putting his entire ass in my face. Perplexed, I went along with this, and then he took it to the extreme and just sat on my dick. He really put in some work, and he had an actual diamond mine in his ass. The stars came out, and I fucked him senseless until he came.

Afterwards, I asked if he wanted to shower, and he just smiled and laid there glowing, because he wanted more. I was verklempt, as I had never fucked anyone before him, but I wanted to keep him happy. Cue me sheepishly telling my friends about this the following day at my birthday party, and them cackling in disbelief. Silly me had never even thought to do any of that, but so it went for a couple of years before we parted ways. Years later, I have a menagerie of tops, tops, “tops”, and Tops that have all opened up about how they are open to getting bent over. You really can have your cake(s) and eat them.

Something tells me that Tyler will turn Jaden out much the same, and I support it.