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It is said that an angel receives a glass of mimosa every time a gay man finds a lover. Even angels know brunch is the most import meal of the gay.

During a recent concert, Jaden Smith showed that he doesn’t give a fuck about what you, your barber, uncle or cousin think and revealed that he and Tyler, the Creator are a thing.

Jaden got on that stage and professed his love for the Oakland rapper with such excitement and pride. Presuming Tyler is someone’s top, I too would be excited seeing as though tops are an endangered species in the gay community. #BringBackOurTops


Smith took to Twitter to double down on his proclamation and Tyler’s response neither confirms nor denies that the two would be sharing “his & his” towels in the near future.


It’s all still very unclear if the two are dating, but if this little tryst lasts longer than a snowball in hell, I only have one question: Can I be the flower girl?