Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton has one of those distinctive voices that grab you by the eardrums. You take notice of the raspy tone, the rich texture and the soulful expression. And with great gifts comes great inspiration.

So who inspires this incredible voice? You'll have to check the video below to find out. And spoiler alert: Hamilton shares intimate details about which artist his 5-year-old twins are obsessed with—and it's not him!


President Barack Obama has officially proclaimed June to be African-American Music Appreciation Month—also known as Black Music Month—and we’re celebrating all month by featuring some of your favorite artists telling us who their favorites are. Hamilton stopped by The Root to share his favorite Aretha Franklin, Prince and Beyoncé records and revealed which of his own songs is his favorite. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, and who knows? You might even update your iTunes, Tidal or Spotify with some of Hamilton’s favorites. Happy Black Music Month!

Check out the video below:

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