Another Racist Gets Fired Because of Her Tweets

Tweet that got a mortgage loan officer fired

The unemployment line now has one more person joining its ranks. And it was all because she was the typical unhinged racist on Twitter.

Poor Lisa Greenwood's racist flag was showing after Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday. But she thought she'd be cute and tweet FLOTUS a few words.


"Beautiful?? Seriously she is an ugly black bitch," Greenwood posted.

But guess what? The Twitter streets aren't kind to racists, especially those who can easily be found. Because Greenwood wasn't that smart, as most racists aren't, she used her real name on her social media accounts. One simple search pulled up her Facebook page, and that's where people were able to find her employer.


Oh, and yes, Lisa Greenwood was a mortgage-loan officer. By "was" I mean this:


And there's never been a more appropriate time for a "We're laughing at you" gif.


Lisa Greenwood, do better.

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