Looks Like Another Kardashian Clan Member Culture-Vultured a Black Designer

Plugged NYC via Instagram
Plugged NYC via Instagram

When it comes to ripping off blackness, the Kardashians should trademark their ability to siphon talent and artistry from others, especially when it comes to fashion.


Last week, Khloé Kardashian was accused of buying, and then duplicating, the designs of designer Destiney Bleu. Bleu’s bedazzled designs have been seen on everyone from Beyoncé to Jamie Foxx.

And now, following in her sister’s footsteps, Kylie Jenner has been accused of the same thing by another black designer.

Plugged NYC is a fashion brand based in New York City and created by Tizita Balemlay. And just like Bleu’s designs, Balemlay’s clothes have made the celebrity rounds, having been worn by folks like Rihanna, Keke Palmer and Kehlani. And Kylie, just like her older sister Khloé, also ordered a ton of Plugged products before allegedly ripping off the designs:

Balemlay posted email correspondence with Jenner’s rep about the orders that were placed and also used her Instagram account to show the similarities:


Jenner has not responded to the copycat claims, but if she’s anything like her sister, she’ll probably send Balemlay a cease-and-desist letter, too.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).



The Kardashians are scam artists, just like the trumps. In fact, most jobless rich people are scam artists. Stealing ideas from from real artists with less money/exposure and putting out boutique t-shirts and jewelry or what-ever.