Anika Noni Rose stands near a portrait of Shirley Chisholm.

Anika Noni Rose is bringing Shirley Chisholm’s life to the big screen.

Chisholm’s life story not only includes being the first African-American woman elected to the U.S. Congress; in 1972, she also became the first black person to run for president.


Rose will not only produce the film but will also star in it, according to Shadow and Act.

A synopsis of the film states the following:

Portrayed by Tony Award-winning actress, Anika Noni Rose, Chisholm embodies the keen sense of justice and community, embracing her fold like a warrior. Always meticulously dressed, pearls in place, watch adjusted to the second, Congresswoman Chisholm metamorphosed to do America’s business. With a colorful team of cohorts by her side, Congresswoman Chisholm personifies the bold educated Brooklynite with her roots firmly planted in her Caribbean heritage, hurdling humongous odds in a system structured for whites and males only. With an efficient producing team, Creative Monster Production’s Bryan Gambogi (Blue Jasmine/King of Beasts Documentary), Grant Anderson (Green Hornet), Debbie Brubaker (Big Eyes), Barbara Bullard, social innovator, and an award-winning writing team, Armistead Johnson and Montserrat Mendez, Chisholm will be eloquently developed, changing the paradigm of how we ourselves can be a “Catalyst for Change.”

For more information about the film and updates, follow its Facebook page.

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