A man confronts an old woman who started yelling at a child selling candy outside a Target in Rowland Heights, Calif.

A young girl was recently harassed by an old white woman while selling candy in front of theĀ Target in Rowland Heights, Calif. But a good Samaritan jumped in to help out the girl.

Video of the incident was recorded and posted on Facebook, and theĀ footage shows the older woman arguing with the girl and the reaction by a man named Jay Lopez, according to CBS Los Angeles.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," Lopez told the unidentified woman.

LopezĀ then offers to buy all of the young girl's candy. But not before the old woman made another offhand comment.

"They do this all around the country and you should see how theyĀ live," the old woman said.


You have to wonder who "they" are. But then again, you probably don't need to wonder.

After buying all the candy, Lopez then took the sweets and handed them out to everyone coming in and out of the Target store.

Take a look at the video below: