Brett Sanders paying speeding ticket in pennies
YouTube screenshot

Speeding tickets and I go way back. We’re almost best buddies now. I guess when you drive a red Mustang and the speed limit is 70 mph where you live, a ticket (or two) is bound to happen. But never did I think of paying a speeding ticket with pennies, like one man in Texas recently did.

Brett Sanders of Frisco, Texas, didn’t feel that his $220.60 speeding ticket was fair. Sanders said that he was ticketed for going 39 mph in a 30-mph zone. And, unfortunately, he couldn’t get out of paying the fine when he went to court for the ticket.

So he paid it. In his own special way. With 22,000 pennies!

OK. I get it. You’re angry. I’ve been angry because I’ve had to pay my fair share of speeding tickets. But that woman at the county clerk’s office had nothing to do with that ticket. Did you see her face? I actually felt sorry for her. Sanders didn’t, of course.


“It felt great. It really felt great,” Sanders said.

 Of course it did, Petty Murphy.