Angela Bassett Dishes on Her Career, Staying Fit and Mission Impossible: Fallout

The fantabulous Angela Bassett is back and reprising her role as Erica Sloan Mission Impossible: Fallout. To say that Bassett is an indomitable actress would be an understatement, and at 60-years-old, she can give women half her age a run for their money.


From her role as Tina Turner t0 recently appearing in Black Panther, Bassett’s career has included roles that showed black women as strong and capable of handling the challenges thrown their way. When it comes to still looking vibrant and young, Bassett credits her diet she referred to as the “fast metabolism diet” and exercise regimen.

Bassett sat down with The Glow Up’s Veronica Webb and discussed her career, beauty regimen, and of course her role in Mission Impossible: Fallout. Check out the video above.

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Cool interview! I absolutely adore Angela Bassett. She’s a great example of putting in the hard work to become your best self.