Tracy Clayton

(The Root) — From your cousin Leroy to the White House, it seems like everybody is on Vine, Twitter's crazy-popular video-sharing app. Everybody, that is, except for Android users — until now.

Twitter announced yesterday that Vine for Android is now available. Now, oh humble Samsung Galaxy user, you, too, can make and share six-second videos of your food, your animals, your animals eating your food or you eating food like an animal.


The announcement is very timely because I was just thinking to myself that I really wish I could be pelted in the head with even more videos of people, their pets and their food.* If Vine's iOS popularity is any indication, our timelines will soon be flooded with more clips of dogs being terrorized by vacuum cleaners than we can shake a stick at.

Details on the Vine for Android app are available at Google Play.


Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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