Andrew Caldwell in His Own Words: ‘God Can Deliver From Homosexual’

Andrew Caldwell
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In November, Andrew Caldwell attended the Church of God in Christ’s 107th Holy Convocation convention in St. Louis. During the service, COGIC Superintendent Earl Carter laid hands on Caldwell to “deliver” him from homosexuality. Soon after being prayed for, Caldwell then declared that he was no longer gay and “likes women, women, women!”

And then he went viral.

Caldwell’s declaration of being free from homosexuality drew the ire of many people on social media. Some claimed it was all an act; others stated that there’s no such thing as being delivered from homosexuality. Even Caldwell himself admitted in February that he still desired men, but it seems as if that has now changed.


In a recent video posted to his Facebook page, Caldwell stated that he hasn’t touched a man in a year.

“Each and every day, God takes me through a process. I don’t switch that much. I don’t twerk that much. I don’t do different things because God can deliver from homosexual,” Caldwell declared. “I am delivered because I am claiming it. I have not touched a man in a year. God took that desire away from me.”

Caldwell also stated that on a daily basis he’s harassed by people, gay and straight, because of his views on homosexuality.

“I can’t go nowhere without getting harassed in restaurants. Today somebody gave me a dirty glass and said, ‘Here’s your water.’ I looked at that kinda person and I said, ‘Why would you do that?’ He said, ‘Because you made a mock of us.’ And I said, ‘Of us? What do you mean?’ And he said, ‘No, brotha, you’re still the same.’”


Caldwell once again addressed the rumors that he’s doing everything for publicity. “I’m not doing this for publicity. I’m not doing this to be famous,” Caldwell said.

As a reminder, Caldwell tells people at the end of his video that you can be delivered from homosexuality, and he prayed for those looking for guidance.

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