April Simpson                        
YouTube Screenshot

St. Louis Fox 2 News anchor April Simpson knows how to take a joke, especially after being called “the Hamburglar” on the air by co-worker Tim Ezell. During a broadcast that resurfaced last week, Ezell teased Simpson about her striped shirt: “Time to get you caught up on your news headlines. For that, the Hamburglar,” Ezell stated. 

Simpson quickly gave Ezell her best side eye. After the video was published on YouTube, it immediately went viral, and comedian-actor Kevin Hart posted it on Facebook.


As a follow-up, on Sunday the news crew at Fox 2 surprised Simpon on the air with a special guest. And the burgers began to fly, literally.

Someone needs to give Simpson an award for being a good sport—even if her facial expressions were more like “WTF.”

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