Amy Schumer Is Delusional if She Thinks She’s in the Same League as Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock

Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Hilarity for Charity
Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Hilarity for Charity

Amy Schumer has a vagina. Amy Schumer talks about her vagina a lot. Amy Schumer also talks about her vagina smelling like farm animals. Amy Schumer talks about binge drinking and passing out. These are all of the things I learned while watching Schumer’s The Leather Special on Netflix.

Schumer is also a white woman who thought she was worth the same amount of money as Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock when it came to what Netflix paid for her recent comedy special.

Equal pay and the wage gap are at the forefront in Hollywood when it comes to the pay white female actresses receive (because if they really want to talk, let’s talk about how much minority actors receive) versus their male counterparts. It’s also at the forefront of corporate America, which is kinda more important than Hollywood. But imagine anyone thinking that just because she’s a woman, with less experience, she still deserves equal pay. That’s not how any of this works.


In a recent Variety article, the wage gap was discussed, and highlighted was the pay Schumer was going to receive for her special, which bombed. Initially, Schumer was supposed to receive $11 million, but after finding out what Rock ($40 million) and Chappelle ($60 million) were receiving for their shows, both comedians who’ve been making comedy since Schumer was a teenager—thus, making each more experienced—Schumer’s team requested that she be paid more. And, of course, she got what she wanted, even though it hasn’t been revealed what the amount was.

Now, imagine going into your corporate human resources office and finding out that you are making less than two of your male counterparts. Also, imagine being several years the junior of those two male counterparts, but because you’re white and female, you feel that you deserve just as much as they make. This is the exact moment when you’ve set the gender wage argument back several steps.

White-woman privilege is a motherfucker.


Of course, Schumer is now saying that Variety stretched the truth and that she didn’t ask for the same amount as her friends:


Whatever the case might have been, I hope she used the money to fix her smelly vagina and that binge-drinking problem.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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White women are so.....

Every time I think they’ve reached their limit, they do something else and I’m like....huh. That’s crazy.

Not to mention that Amy Schumer said that latino men were rapist and had a whole bit on black people name their children dumb names. But do not and I repeat do not cross post this to jezebel.