Amanda Seales in Get Your Life
YouTube Screenshot

Amanda Seales is no stranger to television and media. From child actress to MTV VJ, the multitalented actress, comedian and artist has teamed up with Awkward Black Girl creator Issa Rae and recently released a new scripted comedy on YouTube.

Get Your Life follows Seales’ not-so-scripted life as she leaves New York and returns to California.


“This series is basically my life. The hilarity and the crazy things that happen to me along the way,” Seales tells The Root.

The one thing about Seales’ series is that it’s relatable. As a 34-year-old black woman navigating the world, Seales has the uncanny ability to tell a story, and tell it like it is.

During the first episode, Seales touches on catcalling and the dreaded New York City subway system. She finally has enough and decides to leave.

Seales credits her team in being able to put the series together, and says she has people who “believe in what she does.”


So far the series has two episodes, and new shows post every other Wednesday on Rae’s YouTube channel. Do yourself a favor and get a piece of Seales’ Get Your Life.

Check out the second episode below: