Amanda Bynes Goes After the Obamas

Tracy Clayton
Amanda Bynes' booking photo (Getty Images); Barack and Michelle Obama (Saul Loeb/Getty Images)

(The Root) — She's at it again. Manic former child star Amanda Bynes called Barack and Michelle Obama "ugly" on Twitter this morning and was met with a tidal wave of jeers from the Internet.

Bynes has been on a very public downward spiral for the better part of a year now, causing many to worry about her mental health and wonder about drug use. The troubled star has made headlines for insulting and Twitter-beefing with celebs, and "ugly" definitely seems to be her dis of choice. The president and first lady join Chrissy Tiegen, Rihanna and RuPaul on Bynes' ugly list.


Lots of folks find Bynes' antics laughable at best, pitiable at worst, but Twitter wasn't about to take her coming at the Obamas sitting down. The Obamas' supporters rushed to their defense, and many of Bynes' fans cited her disrespect as the final straw.

Just unfollowed Amanda Bynes for calling Obama ugly.

— Latonya Muccioli (@Tawnzzz) July 8, 2013


@AmandaBynes: Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” OKAY AMANDA TOO FAR THIS TIME

— Jenna Brown (@JennaBree25) July 8, 2013


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