Cameron Sterling (center) with Kanye West (left)

Kanye West's Tuesday night Saint Pablo Tour show wasn't short on celebrities. But there was one teenager who definitely had the time of his life, and that was Alton Sterling's son, Cameron Sterling.

Alton Sterling was fatally shot by Baton Rouge, La., police in July and his killing was caught on camera. After his death, Cameron pleaded to the public to protest peacefully, and broke down in tears when discussing his father's death.


This week, Cameron turned 16 years old, and he celebrated his birthday with West and had the opportunity to meet him backstage.

At the time of Alton's death, West tweeted the video footage to his followers. West's wife also wrote a post about black lives mattering, and how she worries about their own kids.

Justin Bamberg, the attorney representing the Sterling family, definitely helped put a smile on Cameron's face.