Alternate Juror on Cosby Trial: ‘I Would Have Convicted Him on All Charges’

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An alternate juror on Bill Cosby’s drugging and sexual assault trial is giving a bit of insight into the drama that was going on behind closed doors.

“We had a hard time deciding where to go for dinner,” Mike McCloskey told NBC News. “We had so many personalities in the room.”


Although McCloskey wasn’t one of the 12 main jurors, as an alternate juror, he was able to listen to testimony that spanned two weeks. However, once deliberations were happening, he and three other alternates were sent to separate rooms.

“You know, he congratulated us and commended us for the job we did. But I felt like we let [Cosby accuser] Andrea [Constand] down,” McCloskey said. “I felt like we could have brought justice. But, unfortunately, being an alternate, I didn’t have a decision in that matter.”


The 12 main jurors were advised by the judge not to speak out about the trial because Cosby will eventually be retried. After 52 hours of deliberation, a mistrial was declared.


As McCloskey, however, it’s clear where he stands when it comes to Cosby’s image since reading a deposition the embattled comedian gave.

“I was blown away by what was read. You know, you picture this guy who’s Cliff Huxtable, who was America’s dad for so long, and to hear the things that they were talking about was very shocking,” McCloskey told the news station.

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