Jamie Foxx attends the 2018 Fox Network Upfront at Wollman Rink, Central Park on May 14, 2018 in New York City.
Photo: Roy Rochlin (Getty Images)

Jamie Foxx often plays villains in the movies he appears in but in the new version of Robin Hood what is bad is good.

Although Foxx’s character Little John won’t be the one physically robbing the hood (which I would have loved to have seen) Foxx will be showing Taron Egerton, who will be playing Robin of Loxely, the thievin’ ropes.

In a trailer, Foxx tells Egerton, “You were a lord, but now you get to become a thief, and I’m going to show you how.” Throughout the trailer Foxx is basically putting Egerton through an intense lesson on archery.

Egerton’s character finally asks, “When do I actually get to, you know, steal?”

If you’ve never seen a version of Robin Hood it’s basically about stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.


These types of movies are remade every few years and I think we’re all good with this being the last of its kind. The movie is set in medieval times and the entire cast has a British accent, including Foxx, which is ... interesting but not far-fetched since Foxx is a known mimic.

I think this movie will be worth the watch, maybe if you’re taking a kid with you. Otherwise, I’ll probably wait to see it on TV.


Robin Hood will premiere in November.