All About the Comeback: Cardi B Wants to Name Her Next Album ‘Tiger Woods’

Cardi B; Tiger Woods
Cardi B; Tiger Woods
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain (Getty), Mike Ehrmann (Getty)

In a year when Cardi B stayed winning (a Grammy, a BET Award and a Billboard trophy among her victories), it’s obvious she’s good when it comes to the come-up. That appears to explain, at least in part, how the rap star came to decide to dub her next album “Tiger Woods.”


Hip-hop and sports have long been paired, but like the title of that Kurtis Blow throwback ’80s classic “Basketball,” those sports usually have involved a basketball—or maybe a football—but never a golf ball.

Until now. As ESPN reports, Cardi B is considering naming her next album after the golfing great in appreciation for his comeback this year in capturing his fifth Masters.

“I’m gonna name my album, I think, Tiger Woods,” Cardi said on Instagram Live Wednesday while getting her makeup done, according to Fader, “because remember when everybody was talking shit on Tiger Woods—like ‘oooh blah blah this’ and ‘oooh blah blah that’—and then he fucking came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m gonna name my album.”


So, we guess if they haven’t copped them already, Cardi B fans will need to get their hands on Gangsta Bitch vols. 1 and 2, Invasion of Privacy, and apparently, coming soon, Tiger Woods.


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