Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey
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His name is Shamsideen Shariyf Ali Bey and he's the former head of Shaka Zulu Security and former bodyguard for Afrika Bambaataa. Now he's speaking out about the allegations of molestation that Bambaataa has recently denied.

In a recent interview with Troi Torain, the radio host who originally broke the story about Ronald Savage's allegations of molestation by Bambaataa, Bey said that young boys were always paraded in and out of Bambaataa's home and when he was traveling.

"He's a f‚ÄĒking pedophile. This is coming from his former confidant. This is coming from his former bodyguard," Bey said. "It's a well-known fact in the Zulu Nation."


Bey then went through a long depiction of what he says were young boys he saw coming in and out of Bambaataa's Connecticut home.

"I can say I walked in on stuff and said,¬†'What the f‚ÄĒk is going on?'¬†There are things that I saw that confirmed it for me. Everyone knows these allegations go back to the early '70s," Bey continued.

The interview, which is over 20 minutes long, included more of Bey's commentary about how he tried to get the Zulu Nation to step in. Torain asked why, if the allegations were true, Bambaataa was allowed to be around young boys and such alleged activity was not stopped.


"For the record, I attempted, tried to bring him up in 2007. After I did that, they said I was trying to get money out of him," Bey stated. "It's because of his persona, and you have people in the Nation of Islam protecting him."

Now, here's the thing: If Bey saw such alleged activities, he shouldn't have tried to "help." What he should have done was contact the authorities. Forget about contacting some Zulu Nation group. What the hell is the Zulu Nation anyways? What type of authority does it have over anything? Absolutely none.

If you see kids being abused and you do nothing about it, you're just as complicit as the person allegedly doing the abuse. Bey, by his own account, failed a ton of boys. But here he is speaking out decades later. All of this is alleged, of course.