Advice From Former Racist: ‘If You Hear Something Racist, F--king Stand Up and Take Responsibility’

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Move over, Tim Wise. There’s a new white expert on race matters in town. A man who goes by the name W. Honky on YouTube and the moniker Dixon D. White on Facebook has broken down white supremacy and racism till it can’t be broken down any more.


White, who says he is a former racist, doesn’t mince words to his fellow white people and wants them to understand that they’re the reason the world is so, for lack of a better phrase, “f—ked up.”

“White people are racist. Not all of them; white culture is. Our white country is. Our culture is full of white supremacy that caters to white people,” White says. “It’s about time we stop being lazy-ass white people and take some f—king responsibility,” White continues.

White, who still admits to being a “redneck,” says that there’s a new “South” and it’s called white racial responsibility. He pleads with white America to basically man and woman up, and take responsibility for their actions. He wants white people to speak out against racism instead of participating in it or turning a blind eye to it.

“It’s the inaction that has always destroyed other people. It’s the indifference,” White said. “I hate when people say I don’t see color. If you don’t see color, how the hell are you going to fix it?”

White implores white people to think outside the box. He also talks about white people being afraid of black retribution. “We’re scared of retribution; we got a lot of f—king fear. We’re scared, we always have been,” White said.

White even delves into the prison population and cowardly police officers who are also scared of black retribution.


And let’s not forget about the fallacy of “reverse racism.” He says that it’s false, and that of course black people are angry—but angry about atrocities that white people continue to commit.

White urges people to vote for and create legislation to fight against the racism that is ingrained in America. He also implores people never to ignore any form of racism. “Speak up and act up” is his advice. White’s videos should be mandatory viewing for everyone.