Actor Omari Hardwick and Jennifer Pfautch in 2010

On the heels of finishing up the first season of his Starz series, Power, Omari Hardwick faced a bit of a backlash on Twitter after a photo of his wife appeared online. Hardwick, who has been married to publicist Jennifer Pfautch since 2012, defended her when people on Twitter referred to Pfautch as ugly and looking like a man.

Several tweeters even added that a lot of the negative reaction came from black women once they found out Hardwick was married to a white woman.

Hardwick’s tweets about the criticism of his family pointed out that being a celebrity and being in the public’s watchful eyes isn’t something that comes easy:


Honestly, in 2014, why does it even matter who someone is married to, whether that person is black or white? Sure, there are those who choose not to date or marry outside their ethnicity, and that’s fine. But for those who do, what bearing does it have on your life?

Now, in regards to people commenting that Hardwick’s wife is unattractive, whatever happened to the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Once again the cruel side of social media has reared its ugly head, but I guess it’s the nature of the beast.