Trick Daddy

When was the last time you heard anything about Trick Daddy? Probably forever. That's unless you happened to catch his anti-black-woman rant on Instagram Tuesday.

Trick's rant included everything from calling black women "hos" to telling them to "tighten up" (whatever that's supposed to mean).


According to Trick, if black women don't do better, black men are going to go elsewhere when it comes to their dating options.


“These Spanish, these white hos … they done started getting finer than a [motherf—ka],’” he stated.

“Y’all black hos betta tighten up,” Trick continued. “I’m telling you, tighten up. Y’all doin all that extra [s—t] for nothin’; you not achieving nothin’, bitch.”

First of all, is Trick specifically referring to women from Spain? Because I'm confused. Or has he lumped all Spanish-speaking women into one pile?


Here's the thing: Trick's thinking is nothing new when it comes to the disdain some black men have for black women. And they say this s—t under the guise of "helping us out." Sorry, but I refuse to take the advice of some washed-up rapper I only know about because of a black woman … and that would be Trina.

Trick's ignorance is something you see commonly on social media. And it always makes me wonder how these men feel about the women who gave birth to them, or even their own sisters and daughters.

If there's some random Ashy Larry black dude out there who feels that he can do better by dating a "Spanish" or white woman, so be it. Yell that from the top of your lungs. Because it'll be easier for black women to spot you. A white or "Spanish" woman can have your ass.


Also, a word of advice to Trick when it comes to his comment about fried chicken and if "Spanish" women learn to cook it. Bruh, it doesn't look like you need any more fried chicken in your life. Get that cholesterol checked.