Wrinkle in Time screenshot (Disney Movie Trailers via YouTube)

Queen Ava DuVernay graced our timelines Sunday night with the newest trailer for her adaptation of Madeleine L’Engle’s book A Wrinkle in Time, and I am, as the kids would say, shooketh. 

Holy stunning visuals. This trailer is so gorgeous.

The trailer gives us a closer look at Meg’s (Storm Reid) journey to find her father (Chris Pine), who is being held captive by a dark force, as well as her seriously intense (and scary-looking) journey across time and space to find and rescue him.

“The only way to defeat the darkness is to become the light,” the trailer touts.


Of course, seeing Oprah Winfrey in all her glory will never not be a treat, and Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling are looking quite regal as well.

A Wrinkle in Time is scheduled to hit theaters March 9, and honestly, between this and Black Panther, I already feel like I’ve won in 2018.