A Fyre Fest Documentary Is Coming To Netflix and We'll Finally See What Ja Rule Thinks About This

Rapper Ja Rule attends the after party for the finale of the ‘JENNIFER LOPEZ: ALL I HAVE’ residency on September 30, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo: Gabe Ginsberg (Getty Images )

Remember that Fyre Festival clusterfuck? I know, I know, how could you forget? You can still smell the odor of stale Kraft singles sandwiches.

If you need a refresher, I’m here for you, Boo. It was spring 2017, and a gaggle of opulent mayo marauders decided to shell out as much as $12,000 apiece for Fyre Festival, which was basically billed as if Burning Man and Coachella had a silver-spooned baby. The fest took place in the Bahamas. After being marketed as an exclusive getaway for influencers, not only did expected performing acts back out, but the promoted “luxury tents” and food looked like warmed-over trash.


The whole thing left people stranded and reportedly fighting for food in a scene that looked like something right out of a post-apocalyptic thriller.

Poor lil’ tink tinks.

Now, Netflix is scheduled to premiere Fyre, a documentary chronicling the Hunger Games-esque events. Produced by Vice Studios, Library Films, and Jerry Media, the upcoming documentary will provide “a first-hand look into the disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves.”


First off, I’m mad it’s simply called Fyre, like a weighty Oscar-contending biopic. Second, hurry up and take my WiFi bandwidth, because I’ll be watching. Third—and most important—a “firsthand account” from the organizers means we will finally get the answer to the quintessential Dave Chappelle question of yore, “What does Ja Rule think about this?”


At the time of the fuckery, Ja released an iOs Notes press release, but we need a full video interview and I’m expecting this doc to provide it.


Plus, Netflix isn’t the only one who plans to document the Fyre Fest fail. Hulu is also planning a docuseries, according to Pitchfork. Seth Rogen and Lonely Island also expressed a desire to make a film about the festival disaster.

Fyre will drop on Netflix on January 18, 2019

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