A Black Lady Sketch Show’s Quinta Brunson to Create, Star and Executive Produce ABC Pilot

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A Black Lady Sketch Show’s Quinta Brunson is heading to ABC. According to Deadline, the 30-year-old is creating and starring in the show, and executive producing alongside Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker’s Ehsugadee Productions and Warner Bros. TV.


“The Untitled Quinta Brunson project is about a group of teachers brought together at one of the worst public schools in the country, simply because they love teaching,” Deadline’s synopsis reads. “But is their love of educating children enough to counteract the school district’s bullshit attitude toward educating children?” The report also notes that Brunson’s new project is a reunion for herself, Halpern, and Schumacker, who first worked together on the CW pilot The End of the World As We Know

Brunson first came to national attention in 2014, when her Buzzfeed series Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date made the rounds; she worked at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures as a video content creator. Cumulatively, her content across platforms such as YouTube Red, Verizon’s go90, and Facebook Watch (the home of her original series Quinta Vs. Everything) have reached over 1 billion people, per Deadline.

She’s also been a staple on the television front. Outside of A Black Lady Sketch Show—which was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards including Outstanding Variety Sketch Series—Brunson appeared on the CW series iZombie and as the voice of several characters in the animated show, Lazer Wulf.

“[Justin Halpern] and [Patrick Schumacker] hired me on my first pilot as an actor and let me throw in a line about Anderson [.Paak],” wrote Brunson on Twitter regarding the news. “Look where we are now. so enjoying working on this with this entire team of good folks.”

Congrats to Quinta!

Pronounced "Jay-nuh."


Looking forward to her new show!