A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Lawyer Shot in Apparent Attempted Homicide

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Henrik Olsson Lilja, the lawyer who represented A$AP Rocky during his assault case in Sweden, was shot in the head and chest on Friday morning in what Swedish authorities believe was an attempt on his life.

Lilja’s identity as the victim of the shooting was confirmed by Mia Edwall Insulander, secretary-general of the Swedish Bar Association to CBS News. Insulander said Lilja survived the shooting and is in the hospital, but couldn’t elaborate on the lawyer’s condition,

Swedish police say the shooting is an “isolated incident” that doesn’t appear to be connected to the A$AP Rocky case. Lilja represented Rocky briefly over the summer, after the rapper, born Rakim Mayers, was arrested and jailed after getting involved in a street brawl in Stockholm on June 30. As CBS News notes, Lilja was replaced before Rocky went through trial.


The circumstances of the shooting are still murky, though, at this point, several people may have been involved.

From CBS News:

Several people were taken into custody for questioning and one was later arrested by prosecutors, according to Stockholm police. Sweden’s Expressen newspaper reports the suspect arrested is also a senior lawyer, a woman who had previously been banned from contacting him. A witness told the paper the shooter was a man who wrestled with the victim before opening fire. Prosecutors told the paper the person arrested — reportedly the woman — is suspected of instigating attempted murder. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the man who allegedly opened fire is also in custody.

TMZ is reporting the shooting was an “ambush” stemming from a domestic dispute.

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