A$AP Rocky Arrested in Sweden for Suspicion of Assault: ‘I’m Innocent’

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Despite his desire to avoid “Fucking Problems,” it looks like A$AP Rocky found some anyway.

TMZ reports that the 30-year-old rapper and three other people were arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of assault after a video surfaced online of an altercation between Rocky and two other men. According to CBS News, under Swedish law, the Harlem native and three other suspects can be held for as many as three days before appearing before a judge.

Following the altercation, Rocky declared his innocence on Instagram.

“I’m innocent,” he wrote.

He then uploaded a pair of videos showing his alleged victims following and harassing him for an indefinite period of time prior to the situation escalating.


In the videos, his crew can clearly be heard attempting to diffuse the situation, with Rocky himself at one point pleading, “Listen, listen. We’re not trying to fight y’all. We don’t wanna go to jail.”

Later, he looks into the camera and adds, “Look, just for the cameras, we don’t want no problems with these boys [but] they keep following us.”


Eventually, after continuing to harass Rocky and his entourage while threatening to call the police, Rocky and three other men allegedly threw one of their tormenters on the ground before fleeing the scene after pummeling him with a barrage of punches and kicks.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Stockholm Prosecutor Office would only reveal that a request had been submitted for Rocky’s arrest, who was in town for the two-day festival Smash x Stadion.


If charged, Rocky faces up to six years in a Swedish prison.

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I don’t know him personally but ASAP Rocky is the last person I’d expect to start knocking around heads just because. He always seems like he’d rather be flat ironing his hair and wearing silk.

Scandinavia is super white and those dudes harassed them for a while so I can only imagine what this fight is about. *eyeroll*