Tiffany Haddish Kills Louis C.K. on SNL: Keep Your ‘Thang-Thang’ in Your Pants Until She Takes Her Clothes Off, Mkay?

Wow. Before we get into Tiffany Haddish’s epic takedown of Louis C.K., the comedian who loved to whip his dick out on women through the years, let’s talk about the fact that after more than 40 seasons on the air, Saturday Night Live had, in Haddish, its first black female comedian to host the show.

Rahm Emanuel Walks Out on Chance the Rapper Because Rahm Is Evil and Chance Is Better Than All of Us

Pretty soon, Chance the Rapper is going to have to change his name to Chance the Really Good Dude Who Seems to Take Every Opportunity to Do the Right Thing, Giving Hope to People Like Me Who Think This World Is Cold, Cruel and Filled With People Who Would Put a Puppy in a Blender and Crush an Infant’s Windpipe With…