The inspiration for the Michael Jordan crying meme

Move over, Michael Jordan crying meme. There's new cry-face material for all the quick-fingered internet addicts, and his name is LeBron James. The stellar athlete just made history with the Cleveland Cavaliers’ win in the 2016 NBA Finals, defeating the Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Sunday's deciding Game 7. With that win came an ugly cry seen around the world, thus qualifying LeBron for another major win of his career: meme life.

Maybe it was because the Cavaliers haven't seen this win since 1964 or because LeBron, aka the MVP, scored 27 points, 11 rebounds and handed out 11 assists; or maybe it was the fact that this superathlete scored his 16th triple double in the playoffs and seventh in an NBA Finals game. But whatever it was, there were extreme tears of joy from James, and it was everything memes are made of.

Now it's time for us to retire any and every crying meme we've ever used before, because we've got LeBron's champion tears now. Here are all the other cry-face memes we should consider giving up (but let's be real—we're not really giving these up!):

1. The Michael Jordan Cry


2. The Kim Kardashian Cry

3. The Lil' Mama Tears


4. The Infamous Ugly Cry From Intervention

5. The Carlton Cry


6. The Single Denzel Tear From Glory

7. The Sensitive Drake


OK, last time, we promise:

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