50 Cent Thinks Jay-Z’s 4:44 Is Golf Course Music

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

50 Cent doesn’t think Jay-Z can be the best rapper at 47 years of age, and he also has a thing against smart rap. The rapper took to his own Instagram account to “review” 4:44 and throw in his two cents.


“I listened to Jay shit, that ‘4:44’,” said 50 in a since-deleted Instagram post. “I thought the shit was aight. I liked the shit, but I’m gonna keep it 100—the shit was a little … the shit was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing like glasses and shit and like a tie, a fucking sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League shit.”

And like many others, 50 also seems to think age actually means something when it comes to hip-hop and rap music.

“Now Imma tell you the truth: niggas is high out here, so they don’t wanna hear that shit,” he continued. “They just wanna have a good time. You know what I’m saying? And fuck that—you can’t be the best rapper at 47 because the new niggas is here. They coming with new shit going on.

“That’s why I was laughing with the Joe Budden nigga with the Migos niggas ’cause they up,” he continued. “They up next, you gotta let the young niggas come in. Niggas fucking with Future and all this. Leave them niggas alone man, b, what the fuck is the matter with you man?”

50 Cent added: “I ain’t gon’ hold you up son, that shit was like golf course music,” 50 said.


If Jay-Z’s music is golf course music, then what would we call 50’s music?

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50 hasn’t been musically relevant for a decade now, so he’s a bit out of touch